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Are you a same sex couple considering having a family using assisted reproduction?

Congratulations, you are in the right place. We help create families for gay and lesbian couples using  IUI and AI (IntraUterine Insemination and Artificial Insemination), as well as, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and third party reproduction (any fertility procedure that uses donor sperm or donor eggs or a gestational carrier or surrogate).  This process is highly successful, so please read on for more information.

This may not be the survey for you, but if you are not certain, continue on for more information.

Do you understand your medical options for having a baby?  
For example:  donor egg, donor sperm, gestational surrogacy, etc.

Good for you! It sounds like you have already done a lot of homework.  It’s time for you to talk to a reproductive specialist for your individualized treatment plan.

You are in the right place for the most up-to-date information about your options for having a baby.

Do you know the difference between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy and why one may be a much better option than another?

Excellent! Sounds like you are ready to take the next step and set up your appointment with an REI (a physician board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility).

Traditional surrogacy is not legal in NJ, as well as many other states, so it’s important you get more details on these options.

Do you understand the legal considerations for same sex couples in terms of parental rights and donor rights?

It sounds like you have a great grasp on the legal issue.  Now, let’s make sure you are on the right medical path.

This is a crucial issue in establishing a family as a same sex couple. It’s important to know your rights.

Do you know the pros and cons of pre birth orders vs second parent adoption?

Let’s get moving toward your medical treatment plan!

This varies state to state, so it’s crucial to know your options based on your situation.

Do you know the pros and cons of known vs anonymous egg donation and known and anonymous sperm donation?


Knowing all the legal implications and issues is extremely important. Please speak to us for more information.

Do you know the pros and cons of using frozen vs fresh donor eggs?

Wonderful!  You look like you’re ready to move forward.

More options exist in terms of using a fresh donor vs. frozen donor egg that have cost implications. Let’s chat about it!

Do you know the pros and cons of using a family member or friend to carry vs hiring a carrier?

There may be more than just cost implications, we’d be glad to provide you the information you require.

Crucial information to have in order to move forward! Discuss with an REI.

Do you have a sense of the costs of having a baby via assisted third party reproduction?

You are well on your way to embark on treatment!

The costs can be significant.  At IRMS we have a team of highly trained, and experienced insurance/financial counselors to help you navigate this process.

If you are female, are you 35 years old or older ?  If you are male, are you 40 years old or older?

Although you may not feel old, the biological clock is ticking. Women over 35 and men over 40 do have somewhat higher rates of problems with eggs and sperm including higher rates of infertility, and birth defects.  Don’t despair, we at IRMS are experts at treating people at these ages and maximizing your chances of having a healthy baby even at older ages.

That’s awesome!  It’s great that you are thinking about your reproductive health at a young age, since advanced age is one of the most common issues.  Take the rest of the quiz to find out if you have any other risk factors.

Do you or your partner smoke or are either of you exposed regularly to second hand smoke?

Quit if you can or limit your access to second hand smoke if possible.  Smoking and second hand smoke exposure both have a significant negative impact upon the health of your eggs or sperm and can increase your risks for infertility, miscarriages and birth defects.

Excellent! You’re healthier for it!

Are you or your partner taking testosterone supplementation?

There are risk factors involved and you should consult with an REI about the impact on fertility.

Excellent! You’re healthier for it!

Have you or your partner decided who will contribute sperm or eggs for conception? One of you or both of you?

Then you’re well on your way on your journey of having a family!

This is crucial step in the process. You may want to explore this with your partner further as well as your REI.